My pineapple harvest

Freshly harvested pineapple is incredible!

Today I harvested a pineapple from my permaculture garden. Wow. The flavour and smell is AMAZING fresh from the garden like this – all organic and fed only compost. I’ve been watching this as it gradually ripened over the weeks.

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Almost 2 years ago, I planted the top of a pineapple, and finally, it has grown and produced this fruit. Worth the wait. There are more plants growing in my permaculture garden, but the taste of this has made me decide I need a LOT more.

What’s next is to cut off the top, let it dry for a little while, and then replant that. In 2 more years, I’ll have 2 pineapples. It’s an exciting thing to do, because it requires little thought for the two years but repays you with a beautiful, ripe, fresh pineapple for you and your family to enjoy.

Watch my harvest video

Spring is a happy and exciting time for edible gardeners. I love this time of year, harvesting seed from the winter crops, trimming the perennials, composting and mulching the garden and making space for the summer veggies -a time of transition and imagining the possibilities for the coming season.

Permaculture is a positive form of practical action that regenerates the soil, nourishes our bodies and inspires hope and creativity.

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