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If you are a beginner or an established gardener, whether you have your own garden or are renting, you’ll gain valuable tips and guidance from my very simple and accessible approach to natural gardening – for food, medicine, household and beauty products, and more. Join Morag Gamble for this practical 6 module course (plus 3 bonus modules), The Incredible Edible Garden. Morag will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a fabulously productive and thriving edible garden – that doesn’t cost the earth.

Work with nature and get a tenfold increase in the amount of food and resources you have in your garden. Learn how to create gardens that require less water, less maintenance, have fewer pests, and way more life.

This course is a comprehensive introduction to permaculture design and permaculture gardening. If you’d like to do a full Permaculture Design & Teacher Certificate program, visit Morag’s Permaculture Educators Program at the Permaculture Education Institute.

You have lifetime access to the materials in this course. Work at your own pace and in your own place.


– 6 themed classes packed full of valuable information, ideas, and inspiration

– 6 quizzes to check your understanding

– lots of practical how-to videos

– Access to a private Facebook group for sharing questions, discussions, and ideas. Morag will be available weekly in this group to answer questions.

– 3 Bonus classes



Module 1: Create superb soils
Start here. Healthy soil is the basis of all great gardens, nutritious food, and our own health. Explore worms and compost, compost teas and bokashi, mycelium, mulch, and how to rapidly activate your soil life, protect soil and build new topsoil.


Module 2: Make your garden
Learn simple and effective strategies to set up your garden area using a range of approaches – from my special no-dig method to verandah pots. Find ideas and strategies for urban, suburban, and small acreage gardens, plus community and school gardens too.


Module 3: Grow abundant food
Find out how to create a low-maintenance edible garden full of vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, medicines, self-seeding, and perennial edibles. Learn 5 basic ways to propagate them. Get to know plants from root to shoot. Discover how to choose plants that thrive. Plant with the seasons. Explore ways to cultivate diversity.


Module 4: Food forest bounty

Learn how to set up a wonderfully productive and mixed food forest full of a great range of food. A food forest is a natural way to create your home orchard for maximum yield, lowest input, and to be really sustainable.


Module 5: The superfood garden

Explore many common superfoods that are easy to grow at home, and how you can harvest and use them to benefit you and your family. Eat these plants regularly to help keep you healthy, strong, and resilient.


Module 6: The medicinal garden

Make your garden your first aid kit. Know which plants to include, what they are for and how to use them. You’ll be surprised how many common plants are also great for natural healing.


Bonus module 1. The beauty garden

Grow plants to use simply and directly on your face, hair, and body. Enjoy these basic recipes, then go and explore and experiment yourself adapting these tried and tested ratios of ingredients.

Bonus module 2. The tea garden

Native trees, herbs, fruit trees, flowers, and weeds can all be used for making delicious, healing, and health-giving drinks for the whole family – hot and cold. Learn a fabulous range of teas, their uses, and how to prepare them.

Bonus module 3. Cooking a garden feast

Learn how to make the most of your edible garden’s abundant produce. Try out some simple basic recipes to create delicious meals directly from your garden. Learn how to harvest from root to shoot, and even gather some weeds.

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Your Instructor

Morag Gamble: Our Permaculture Life
Course leader: Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble is a very popular teacher in this field with enormous practical experience. She has been teaching about how to live a low impact, healthy and sustainable way of life for over two decades in more than 20 countries, and she really does walk her talk.

Morag lives a simple life in an Australian ecovillage, in the ecohouse she built with her family, surrounded by abundant award-winning permaculture gardens. She has designed her life to be self-employed and debt-free. This frees her to home educate her three children using ecological and permaculture approach, and spend time in her garden, in nature, and in her community.

As well as being very practically experienced, Morag has a Masters of Environmental Education, a Postgraduate Diploma of Landscape Architecture, a Bachelor of Environmental Planning. She was a guest teacher at Schumacher College, UK, she lectured for many years in Food Politics at Griffith University and was an adjunct at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Morag loves being in her permaculture garden which she designed and created a veritable edible oasis, and she enjoys preparing simple meals from scratch using freshly harvested products. She also finds it fascinating and fun to make her own natural cleaners and beauty products (often with the help of her children). These too draw from the garden.

Everything in this course stems from Morag’s extensive personal experience. Morag has tried and tested all of these strategies and recipes and uses them personally.

Morag acknowledges that we are all incredibly busy already and superconscious that the things suggested in the course things are convenient, easy, quick to do, and affordable too. Growing good food is something we all need, not a luxury.

Morag is an avid blogger and youtube creator of content to help people live a more simple and sustainable life. You can see her work here:

Morag is also the Founder of the Permaculture Education Institute through which she offers the first online Permaculture Educators Program – a combined Permaculture Design Certificate and Permaculture Teacher Certificate. The Incredible Edible Garden course provides an excellent introduction to this program.

In addition, Morag is the CEO of the Ethos Foundation – a permaculture charity which is the sister organisation of the Permaculture Education Institute. The Ethos Foundation offers support to permaculture education programs in the Global South and particularly supports women and programs for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does The Incredible Edible Garden course start and finish?
You have lifetime access to materials included and you are welcome to work through it at your own pace and return to use the materials as a reference over and over.
What devices does The Incredible Edible Garden course work on?
This course is designed to be accessed across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with The Incredible Edible Garden course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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