Dr Pavel Cenkl. Furthermore, he is the head of Schumacher College and Director of Learning at Dartington.  We talk about the kind of higher education we need in the world today

Higher education we need in the world today

In this episode of Sense-Making in a Changing World, it is my delight to welcome Dr Pavel Cenkl. Furthermore, he is the head of Schumacher College and Director of Learning at Dartington.  We talk about the kind of higher education we need in the world today. As a result to, explore the innovative and immersive programs offered at the College. The courses can vary from Holistic Science, Regenerative Food and Farming, and many more.

Pavel has worked for more than two decades in higher education. Where there is learning with practice and thinking with embodiment. In addition, he has been at the college now for a few years. As a result, he c0ntinues developing new courses too at the intersection of movement practice, ecological thinking, and environmental philosophy. Therefore, he will speak on behalf of the higher education we need in the world today.

Pavel is also a passionate endurance and adventure runner. Also, over the past five years through a project called Climate Run. Pavel has covered hundreds of miles in the Arctic and subarctic on foot. As a result, brings attention to the connections between our bodies and the more-than-human world in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

Pavel holds a Ph.D. in English and is the author of many articles, chapters, and two books. Most recently he has co-edited a book celebrating the 30th anniversary of Schumacher College with Satish Kumar, Transformative Learning: Reflections on 30 Years of Head, Heart, and Hands at Schumacher College. New Society Publishers, 2021.

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In my twenties, I studied at Schumacher College and the integrated way of learning in community was absolutely inspiring and transformative.  I have since taught at the College a number of times. The head heart and hands learning experience that I experienced at the College as a young woman is what I weave into the fabric of the face-to-face courses I create and the Permaculture Educators Program online.

Permaculture is education for one planet living and through the course you become immersed in all kinds of skills and cultivate connections that support the transition to regenerative ways of being. The world needs more permaculture teachers everywhere sharing local ways, and working toward a climate-safe future through design, resilience and connection.  I invite you to join the Permaculture Educators Program with others from 6 continents to explore what that might look like and how you can make the change. This is a comprehensive online course. That includes the Permaculture Design Certificate and online Permaculture Teacher Certificate. In addition to modules for creating a permaculture livelihood.

Join me to learn more about permaculture. Come and explore the many free permaculture resources my Our Permaculture Life Youtube  and blog .

We also invite young people (11-17) interested in permaculture to join the Global Permayouth  – they have monthly online festivals, workshops, local hubs and a weekly newsletter. Scholarships available for the above course too.