Welcome to this episode Sense-Making in a Changing World – being released at a critical moment in history here in Australia – the cusp of the Australian Federal election.

A few months ago I interviewed my amazingly talented friend Tim Hollo, author, musician, climate activist, community leader, Director of the The Green Institute  Founder of Green Music, catalyst of so many community initiatives, AND currently a Greens candidate for the seat of Canberra in our current Federal Election. (I knew he was going to be way too busy for such a long and relaxed chat in the weeks leading up to election day).

Almost 2 years ago I called a group together here in Australia informally called “Leadership in a Changing World” and it is through this that I came to meet and know Tim, and deeply understand the depth of his scholarship, compassion and action.

I wish for our governments at all levels to be filled with people with the heart and thinking that Tim shares, and the practical skills and ideas too – what a different world and kind of democracy we would be experiencing

Please take the time to listen – even if you are not in Australia. This is not campaigning – it is deep and thoughtful exploration about what Tim calls Living Democracy – actually the title of his forthcoming book published by UNSW Press .

In his book, he offers bold ideas and a positive vision for the future. While it might be the end of the world as we know it, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, around the globe, people and communities are beginning a whole new journey.

Often we can feel disempowered in the political process, but political will is what we need to bring the changes necessary, and Tim encourages us that the power to change lies within all of us, and change will happen not by working individually, but by working together in communities to re-imagine our local areas that  begin to seed change everywhere through transformative collective action.

I wish Tim all the best at the election this weekend, and wish us all a climate safe and just future.

Whether you’re a concerned community member, or someone who is already active in social or environmental campaigning, this book will inspire and inform you, and get you fired up to co-create a common, more equitable future. A living democracy. Hollo presents lessons for communities, organisations, political parties and individuals, and a recipe for combining all these ingredients into transformative collective action.

This show is hosted by Morag Gamble, founder of the Permaculture Education Institute.

Before we begin, I’d like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the unceded lands from which I’m speaking with you, the Gubbi Gubbi, and pay my deep respect to their elders past present and emerging. I’d like to recognise their ability to care for this land, the waters, and biodiversity for so many thousands of years.

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