Make your own Multi-purpose Vinegar

Plastic-Free July is a time to rethink everyday things. A small change in action reflects a shift in thinking & that change ripples positively beyond. Today’s plastic-free conversation is about replacing the multiple plastic bottles of cleaners for simple homemade vinegar.

Do you ever have apple cores & peels, or make kombucha? Then you can make your own vinegar to clean sinks, walls, floors, windows, rinse hair and more!

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Learn permaculture with Morag Gamble

Hi! Welcome back, it’s Morag Gamble from Our Permaculture Life and the Permaculture Education Institute. And every day, we’re here talking about something to do with getting rid of the single-use plastics in our life. Or actually, just generally plastics. 

So every day, since the start of July we’ve been talking about something different. I’ve missed yesterday, I know I had a mass class on talking about eco villages. So I might put the link below too, if you wanted to check out what’s going on with that. About ways of creating, thriving neighborhoods. But today, I wanted to talk about something different and that is ways of cleaning. So often, our cupboards get cluttered with different sorts of bottles, for cleaners all different sorts of things from the bathroom, to the kitchen, to generally everywhere and even our own body. So how can we actually find some simple cleaners that we can make at home and actually create no plastic? In terms of having plastic bottles of all different sorts of things. So one of the simple things that we can do and I know that you know particularly at this point in time if we’re wanting to do a deep clean, to do with covert. Then you may be wanting to think about something differently, but generally cleaning around the house really effectively can do windows and bathtubs, and sinks and hair, and even be out in the garden as some kind of fertilizer as well and that’s Apple Cider Vinegar. So I make this Apple Cider Vinegar, do you ever have after you’ve finished your apples the cause or maybe sometimes you might peel them. But something will keep those cores and keep those peelings, and pop them in a jar. Now I’ll put a link below, on how to make the Apple Cider Vinegar. I made a little video about that before, but I just wanted to talk about how actually by making your own vinegar. You can actually make your own cleaner, then you can use this, for making salad dressings or in the morning if you want.

You know, if you like to actually have a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar at the start of each day, it’s the same thing. 

So we can use it to clean our house, to fertilize our garden, to drink, to rinse our hair, do all sorts of things. So one little thing that we can make ourselves, and we can keep it in whatever jar that we’ve got, absolutely easy! Another thing that you could do, is make your own Kombucha Vinegar. Now if any of you are into making Kombucha, you have probably ended up making Kombucha Vinegarat one point in time or another. And they’re the ones that are up on your shelf for too long, and they go past it. When you smell it, it’s definitely vinegar. So same thing, this is vinegar you can use for all those purposes that we’ve just mentioned, in cleaning around the home. So you know, that’s a really simple way to get rid of all those extra cleaning bottles and also save yourself a huge amount at the same time. And remove things from the waste stream. 

So join me again for the only few days, until the end of July and that’s the wrap-up of this series. You can catch all of the links to them if you scroll back through this facebook page or also I pop them over on to my youtube channel. Which is Our Permaculture Life, so Morag Gamble Our Permaculture Life. You can check out on youtube and subscribe there.

There’s videos of all sorts of things to do with Permaculture. All right, well I’ll catch you again tomorrow and another few more tips. And I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing this plastic free July as well. So put some comments down below, and tell me some of your favorite ways that you can actually reduce the single use and just general plastic.