Watch below to the recording of the fabulous Permaculture Regeneration Session held on the 1st of May in celebration of the 5th International Permaculture Day. A series of 4 sessions were hosted by Permaculture Education Institute with a number of leading permaculture practitioners around the world – 3 panels and a global cross-pollination session.

The third panel I had the pleasure of hosting was Permaculture Regeneration with Rosemary Morrow, Natalie Topa, Narsanna Koppula, and Boniface Gomes exploring permaculture regeneration in degraded landscapes, refugee and marginalised communities – explore the possibilities.

Click below to watch

If you would like to watch the other sessions from International Permaculture Day, you can find them here: Session 1: Growing Permaculture and Session 2: Permaculture Futures

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