In this episode, Morag Gamble talks with Damon Gameau about his latest film, Regenerating Australia. The Permaculture Education Institute’s Film Club is hosting a free livestreaming on May 20th. BOOK HERE.

Damon Gameau is an award-winning filmmaker, author, father and activist. His 2015 movie, That Sugar Film, broke Australian box office records, and his other feature-length film, 2040, was one of the highest-grossing Australian documentaries of all time.

His latest offering, Regenerating Australia, is a short film that explores what Australia could look like in 2030 if we listened to the needs of its people. Based on interviews with a diverse group of Australians about their hopes for the future, the film features well-known voices like Kerry O’Brien, Sandra Sully, Gorgi Coghlan, Tim Flannery, Larissa Behrend and David Pocock.

Morag and Damon discuss:

  • Creating a safe space for young people to talk about climate change and take action;
  • The power of storytelling for creating change;
  • The upcoming Australian Federal election;
  • There is no saviour coming to combat climate change – it requires action from the network of changemakers within Australia and the world – our very own mycelial network;
  • What the Northern Rivers flooding in NSW taught us about the importance of localisation and self-governance;
  • How we measure success now and how we might measure it in the future;
  • Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics;
  • The problem with apocalyptic storylines;
  • How do we put climate change solutions front and centre so they’re funded;
  • What drives change;
  • Regenerating Songlines Australia, a continent-wide network that connects regenerative projects and practitioners led by First Nations peoples and inclusive of all Australians;
  • The rise of regenerative farming in Australia, contributed partly by Southern Cross University’s Regenerative Agriculture Course;
  • How we can incentivise regeneration of our land;
  • Gregory Landau’s recently formed Regen Network;
  • Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels and reluctance to give them up;
  • The power of Indigenous knowledge and the role it can play in healing our planet.

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