What is Marine Permaculture? Masterclass with Dr Brian von Herzen & Morag Gamble

What is marine permaculture? How can it contribute to the reversing of climate change and species loss? And how does it relate to land-based permaculture?


Are you curious about marine permaculture?  In permaculture masterclass #20, I am delighted to be joined by the originator of Marine Permaculture, Brian von Herzen, PhD,  founder of the non-profit Climate Foundation to explore these questions and more.

I am really very excited about the potential of marine permaculture and Brian is just such an inspiration. He is dedicating his life to this as a practical and positive response to the climate and ecological emergencies, and the immediate needs of many peoples that depend directly on the oceans for their daily survival and well-being.

A little more about Marine Permaculture

Marine permaculture is a regenerative solution that has a potential to sequester vast amounts of  carbon and restore balance to ocean ecosystems. It has the potential to create an abundance of food, habitat for a complex diversity of marine species, livelihoods for farmers in the global south, excellent fodder, powerful natural fertiliser and lots of organic matter for soils.

Marine Permaculture was featured in the recent award-winning documentary 2040 by Damon Gameau showing some of the most viable and available possibilities we currently have to not only slow, but reverse climate change. It is featured also in the accompanying book 2040: A Handbook for Regeneration . Cool Australia has even collaborated to make a marine permaculture school worksheet for grade 7-8s. The Intrepid Foundation is helping to raise money for it to be set up off the coast of Tasmania. Paul Hawken’s featured marine permaculture too in his wonderful book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Roll Back Global Warming

Excerpt from 2040 Movie

Click on the image below to play this podcast with Brian and Dr Karl recorded at Woodford Folk Festival in 2017.

Permaculture Educators Program

Dr Brian von Herzen is a foundation member of the Permaculture Educators Program that I launched in June 2018 through the Permaculture Education Institute. Join him and hundreds of others in this fabulous learning community that spans 6 continents to make permaculture your way of life and potential livelihood too. Find out more


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