How To Become a Permaculture Teacher

Have you ever wondered how to become a permaculture teacher or how you make permaculture your livelihood as well as your way of life? This masterclass is all about doing just this. Check out this 4 part permaculture series where I explore what is permaculture and how to weave it into your life and livelihood.

There are so many ways that you can create your own ‘job’ as a permaculture teacher. I have taught permaculture around the world for over 25 years. It’s always been my ‘real job’. I absolutely love it!

Take a listen to the 50 minute masterclass. I talk about:

  • How to become a permaculture teacher. I will share different pathways for you to become a permaculture teacher too.
  • Finding a permaculture mentor. I believe that finding mentors is so valuable in developing your permaculture education skills. Learn ways to go about finding a mentor.
  • how to build permaculture teaching experience. The best way to become a great teacher is, of course, to teach. I’ll share lots of ideas of how to build your teaching experience.

Permaculture Educators Program

The Permaculture Educators Program is the only place in the world you can do both a Permaculture Design Course and a Permaculture Teacher Certificate online. This is the course I have designed to share with you 25 years of permaculture teaching experience. The program is super comprehensive, flexible and supportive.

I am so keen to encourage people to become excellent permaculture teachers in their own communities. I have created this program so that you can work it around your current commitments, and begin designing and teaching as you study this course.

To register or find out more, please visit the Permaculture Educators Program information page of the Permaculture Education Institute.

Start this permaculture course anytime

If you’ve ever contemplated making permaculture your livelihood as well as way of life, this is a great opportunity to focus, learn, connect, practice, research, be mentored and experience permaculture in a course that is:

  • comprehensive and in-depth course curriculum
  • very flexible to fit around your life
  • multi-media – films, presentations, podcasts, information, references …
  • international – people from around the world and a wide range of climate zones
  • professional
  • aimed at helping you make a real living from permaculture
  • personal mentoring

Things you might like to know about the program:

  • it is very practical and action focussed – you will finish the course with a great permaculture design and deeper understanding of your place, and have started teaching permaculture workshops
  • the course includes 43 clear modules delivered weekly from the time you register
  • each module is designed to take around 2-3 hours
  • because the course is online, you can access it from anywhere, anytime
  • there is no expiry date – you have access to the materials as long as you need them
  • you can work at your own pace (minimum time 43 weeks – no maximum)
  • because the course is spread out over 10 months or more, there is so much opportunity for practical application, reflection, refinement, collaborations, experimentation
  • you work in your own place and community for your projects
  • there is a friendly international group of participants who support and inspire each other, share ideas and resources – from many parts of the world and different climate zones
  • there is a lively Facebook community (a private group for all students past and present)
  • students living close to each other have started organising meet-ups. They learn from one another and help physically with garden projects.
  • we have weekly Q&A sessions
  • you are invited to a monthly masterclass based on topics chosen by the participants
  • some participants weave this knowledge into their current work, others create a whole new livelihood through it
  • I personally answer your questions and assess your submissions
  • you have an opportunity to travel with me to Africa (and other places) as a student teacher and/or volunteer to gain valuable experience


I look forward to the opportunity of working with you as you learn and refine your permaculture design and teaching skills.

If you want to find out more about how I teach and write, you can take a look at Our Permaculture Life Youtube Channel and browse this blog.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Hope to see you in the course!