Great reads to inspire living a simple, meaningful and interesting life.

I love to read really good non-commercial magazines. I leave them in different places around the house for months – picking up an article to read here and there, and reread them many times. They are a source of inspiration, points of reflection and motivators for action.

I share the stories I read with Evan, discuss the ideas with the children, and pass around the magazines to friends, family and our WWOOFers.

I have tried online versions, but there’s just something about the print version that is so appealing – particularly a really well-designed magazine with excellent photography and inspiring and challenging writing.  It’s often the unexpected articles, the ones I might not click on in the online version, that surprise and intrigue me.

It’s a simple joy, but I love the anticipation of receiving my magazines by mail and sitting down with a cuppa to do the initial scan, working out what I am going to read first and then making the magazine last as long as I can.

One of my all-time favourites is Resurgence Magazine which has recently merged with another of my favourites, The Ecologist.  I have been subscribing continuously since 1992. This magazine is filled with articles about ecological thinking, peaceful and sustainable living, and positive activism.



After writing about plastic waste and the impact of microbeads the other day, I was delighted to read an article about California banning plastic microbeads in the new issue of Resurgence. Vandana Shiva, one of the environmental activists I most admire, writes too about a Manifesto for Sustainability

Another magazine I stumbled across more recently is Dumbo Feather. I love delving into the long, deep conversations they have with extraordinary people who are doing very amazing things with their lives, following their passions – being 100 percenters as they call it. They wrote  an article about three steps to becoming a 100 percenter – asking ‘What is you were able to align your values with how you live? “Pass it on” is printed on their cover page – I always do.


And finally, I have to say PIP Magazine: Australian Permaculture is another favourite too – full of absolutely practical information about ways to live a simple and sustainable life, I’ve been writing for this magazine since issue 2 – contributing articles, an overview of permaculture projects around the world, and now also contributions to the kids page.  In the latest issue includes an article I wrote about Nature Kids and the importance of connecting children with nature.


There are of course so many other magazines I enjoy reading. I find them in the newsagent or library and occasionally buy, but these three I think represent my favourites.

Have you got any amazing favourites? I’d love to learn about other wonderful reads.

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  1. Meg Hopeful
    Meg Hopeful at |

    I have not long finished reading all the articles in the latest Dumbo Feather. The articles are just so fascinating! I will re-read them over and over again and then pass it on so that others can read and feel inspired too. "Slow" is another magazine I enjoy a lot for similiar reasons.

  2. Morag Gamble
    Morag Gamble at |

    Yes, Slow is great!

  3. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    Permaculture Magazine is my favourite, along with resurgence. articles from around the world, fantastic online resources too…