How To Make Your Own Self-Watering Pot: Film #8

Check out my new 5 minute film on my Our Permaculture Life YouTube Chanel –  How to Make your Own Self-Watering Pot  (or watch the embedded link at the end of this post)


It’s so easy to make self-watering pots from used milk bottles. They are free and make propagating seeds a breeze. 

Not only do they keep your little seedlings hydrated much longer, by cultivating your own seedlings, you can choose from a much wider selection of food varieties and contribute to the protection of seed diversity.

This is how to do it. (For more details, watch the film.)

All you need is a milk bottle, scissors, sand, compost/potting mix, seeds and water.


Cut in half the bottle and put in an overflow hole in the base to prevent plants from flooding.


Put a few centimetres of sand in the bottom of the base.

Turn the top upside down and press into the base. 
Fill with compost or good potting mix.
Make impressions in the soil for the seeds. Cover the seeds with soil.
Gently water the seeds in until the water comes out of the overflow.
Make sure to label the seeds.


Film #8: How to Make Self-Watering Pots by Morag Gamble


Learn with Morag in her garden:

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3 Responses

  1. Mr Home Maker
    Mr Home Maker at |

    Excellent! I'm onto it now. Why didn't I think of this before(?!)

  2. Morag Gamble : Our Permaculture Life
    Morag Gamble : Our Permaculture Life at |

    Isn't it funny – so often we overlook the simple solutions. I'm always on the look out for good common sense ideas. Love to hear more from anyone!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    I instantly thought of the plant beds you've been making Mr HM 🙂
    Both such clever ideas!
    -Kelly B