My Favourite Edible Tree – Lemon Myrtle

What’s your favourite edible tree that has edible leaves?

One of mine would have to be Lemon Myrtle which I talked about in the video below.

The Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is an indigenous rainforest margin plant from South East Queensland. It has an amazing scent and I use it just about everyday in cooking and as a tea. Listen to the clip to many of the ways I use it.

Because I use it so often, I am growing it right next to the house as part of my permaculture forest garden. I manage it by keeping it short that way it won’t take its roots too far and so it won’t cast too much shade since my forest garden is a mix of trees, herbs, perennials, fruits, leafy greens, self-seeding annuals, legumes, and edible flowers.

A permaculture garden is like a natural ecological system – growing an abundance and diversity of food naturally in thriving soil in a garden that is home to many species. A garden like this supports a regenerative way of life that creates resilience for your family and community.

What is permaculture?

To learn more about permaculture check out my 4 part permaculture series and take a look at Our Permaculture Life youtube channel where I have uploaded over 100 films I have made in my permaculture garden and in conversation with others.  Dive deeper into this blog too and you will find over 400 permaculture articles.

Now is such a great time to learn more about permaculture and consider making permaculture your way of life and livelihood too. To help with this, I offer two online permaculture courses:

I also encourage you to support free permaculture education programs for women and youth in the global south through our registered permaculture charity, the Ethos Foundation.

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