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No-dig Garden Masterclass

Making a no-dig garden can take the hard work out of vegetable gardening, but it is also a brilliant way to activate soil life, which is the foundation for creating a wonderfully abundant food garden, and use a lot of so-called household ‘wastes’ – food scraps, coffee grounds, newspaper, garden clippings, chicken manure, worm castings and more.

No-dig gardening is the theme of my next free monthly masterclass.

Typically over 1000 people have been joining me for my free masterclasses and are finding them helpful .

Join me on Monday 30 April at 8pm (AEST/Brisbane time). I am going live with:

Masterclass #6: Seven tips to make an abundant no-dig garden.

How to successfully set up, plant & maintain a no-dig permaculture garden with my method – tried and tested around the world.


 If you cannot make it live, still register and I will send you the replay link.

no dig garden abundance
Surrounded by my no-dig garden abundance

It’s typically a 45 minute session although previously there has been so much great discussion I stayed online for about an hour. Those who can make it live can join in on the Q&A at the end, so get your questions ready.

Visit a previous post for more information about how to make a no-dig garden  and watch my 17 minute youtube video showing you how to make a no-dog garden step-by-step.

watering in no-dig
My step by step no-dig garden drawings and images can be found HERE.