Permaculture & Healthy Living: Morag Gamble Speaks with Cyndi O’Meara & Friends on the Wellness Couch Podcast

Today the Wellness Couch podcast was posted with me in conversation with the wonderful Up For A Chat ladies – Cyndi O’Meara, Kim Morrison and Carren Smith. We chatted about my way of life – living a low-stress, joyful and simple way of life – an abundant permaculture life, growing food, homeschooling, living lightly on the earth, and more…

Grab a cuppa and take a listen. Please leave comments on the Up For a Chat site (and also here on my blog) about the sorts of things you’d like me to speak about when I return to the Wellness Couch for a follow-up conversation about how to get your own simple garden set up.


UC196: Permaculture with Morag Gamble (73:03 mins)

Some of the points of conversation include:

  • How I came to live a permaculture life
  • How to live a simpler, less stressful life and step away from the over-consumerism.
  • How the healthier the earth is the healthier we all become
  • How living in nature is like a natural meditation.
  • How superfoods come from supersoils – the importance of keeping your soils healthy
  • How everything has a context for learning – my approach to homeschooling.
  • How seeing the world through children’s kids eyes opens up the world tenfold.
  • How to reduce waste in our home – food waste and single-use plastics
  • The value of growing as much as we can at home & how there’s is more food in most edible gardens than we typically imagine.
  • How to think of your garden as one big ecosystem
  • How we all have a voice – we can all be part of the change.