Edible Flower Bouquet with Morag Gamble

Hi! It’s Morag Gamble from our Permaculture Life and the Permaculture Education Institute. And welcome back into my garden for another live.

Talking about something we can do to get rid of the plastics in our life, it’s plastic-free July.

So having flowers in the home is such a beautiful thing. You know, particularly flowers for the table or you know be visiting someone to take them some flowers.

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Learn permaculture with Morag Gamble

It’s a really important tradition and a way of showing gratitude, and a way of showing love. So there’s a way to not have to use plastic-wrapped flowers. And often those flowers that we buy are from places that are grown with lots of chemicals and things that we maybe don’t want to be giving to our loved ones. I absolutely love going out into my garden, and looking at what’s flowering at the moment. I always try to encourage my garden to be having something that’s playing. Because it’s important for the pollinators and it’s important also to be able to come out and eat the flowers for extra nutrition. But also to have something we can bring inside. So this is just a little posey that I made today for the table,, for the dining table and it includes things like pineapple sage. We’ve got these beautiful fuchsia-colored lagos spinach. We’ve got coriander flowers, mustard spinach flowers, radish flowers. Did I say coriander flowers, I think I did. So you know that just goes in the middle, and this is another one of those jars you know the preserving jars. And my daughter, she went for a walk the other day. She found this beautiful little acacia flower, the waddle flower and she brought that home and put it in a jar. So that’s been in just a little sort of icon in the middle of that table, for the last a couple of days it’s almost finished.

So I thought I’d get another one and often when I go and visit friends, I might make a big bouquet of that. Includes big beautiful leaves of the red mustard spinach, or a gorgeous kale leaf, as well as a lemon myrtle branch as well. And so people can make tea out of it. They’ve got herbs, they’ve got edible flowers, maybe there’s some seeds they can collect. So it’s this beautiful bouquet, that’s actually edible and functional and plantable, as well as being a gift of love. So I encourage you to to go out into your garden or see what flowers are in and around your neighborhood that you can use, as a way to make a bouquet for your home and as a gift. All right, I’ll catch you again tomorrow, for another quick tip about how to think differently. About how we get our stuff, so that we don’t have to bring so much single-use plastic into our homes, in our communities and start. Once we start to think differently about how we do this, it changes a whole lot of things. It may seem like a little action, but the ripple effects of this collectively is quite amazing.

So I’ll put down some links below, to some information about Permaculture if you’d like to find out more about that. And please feel free to share all these lives. They’re both going to be here in this live page, but also later on go up onto my youtube channel. So you can go back and have a look at all the different tips since july 1st. So I’ll catch you again tomorrow. We’re doing this every day until at the end of July. And if you’ve got some ideas too, about how you’re making a difference in your life. With getting rid of single-use plastics, share them below. I’d love to hear and send post pictures as well about your bouquets.