Social Permaculture and Community: Morag Gamble in conversation with Robina McCurdy (9 mins)

I often meet and work with interesting people locally and from around the world. I love the conversations we have. From now, I have decided to regularly film some of these chats to share. This is the first film in this series – talking with social permaculture elder, Robina McCurdy.


Robina McCurdy is from Tui – an intentional community/ecovillage in Golden Bay on the top of the south island of New Zealand and is one of the founding members. Tui has been thriving for 30 years and is home to over 30 people. Robina is a permaculture teacher who has strong focus on social permaculture and has works with children, community gardens and seed networks around NZ.  She is currently in Australia running workshops on her way to the Australasian Permaculture Conference in Perth. I invited Robina to work with me – to screen her film and offer pattern recognition and permaculture design programs for children through the Ethos Foundation.
This is part one of our conversations. The next part will include: thoughts on lifework, Robina’s lessons from decades living a permaculture life, and the three areas she believes we need to focus on.

Click on this image to play the 9 minute clip: part 1 of our conversation.

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