Here’s why you should plant Sorrel in your kitchen garden

Sorrel is a humble and valuable garden perennial – everyone should have one (or five) in their edible garden.

While Sorrel is a common perennial herb found in many parts of the world, it is often undervalued within our edible landscapes. Sorrel is one of the everyday greens that I just love having in the middle of my veggie garden. It’s been a valued part of my garden for many years now, and I eat it just as much as any other leafy green.

Sorrel is a hardy plant that actually gets hardier the longer it stays in your garden. It has nice deep roots that grow down deeper, continuously collecting moisture and nutrients from the soil. This makes it a great, long-lasting green that won’t need to be replanted every year.

Cooking with Sorrel

When eaten, Sorrel has a lemony flavour because it contains a bit of oxalic acid. For this reason, I do recommend treating Sorrel more like a spinach and cooking it before eating (just to be safe) rather than consuming it raw.

You can use it in a huge range of sauces and soups or add into stews and egg dishes. There are a lot of meals you can add it into just as you would other leafy greens. My kids also love to rip off a part of the leaves and feed it to the guinea pigs. There are so many ways to use this green, which makes it a wonderful addition to every permaculture garden.

What perennials do you have growing consistently in your edible garden?


What is permaculture?

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