16 Best Posts on Our Permaculture Life : Practical Simplicity for Everyday Life

Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone who’s responded so positively to the writings and films I’ve been posting on Our Permaculture Life – on this Blog, on Youtube and Facebook,

After decades of ‘just doing it’, I was encouraged a year ago to start writing about our permaculture way of life and have received such amazing feedback both in person and online. It is so uplifting to know so many people are interested in living a simple &natural way of life.

I so enjoy receiving the comments you write, and participating in discussions about the various topics. I’d love your suggestions too (please fill in the v.quick survey below).

The ripple effect of our actions, our words, our thoughts – our work and the way we choose to live – is profound. It’s so important to be thinking about change – exploring the possibilities and taking positive, practical steps.


As a recap, here a list of some of most popular posts of the past year:
  1. My Permaculture Garden – a 30 minute tour of my award-winning garden, plus list of species.
  2. Morag’s Simple and Successful No Dig Garden Method – a step by step guide (film coming soon)
  3. How to Make Comfrey Tea – a super easy natural homemade fertiliser
  4. Worm Towers – a quick and easy way to turn food waste into garden fertiliser – without digging or turning. and Worm Tower Film Clip – a superbly simple way to put your foodsraps back in the soil
  5. 7 Ways to Use All of Your Pumpkin Plant – simple abundance
  6. City as Farm: City Dwellers Love to Grow Food – weaving food growing into the cities
  7. Ingeniously Simple Idea to Harvest Compost Worms By 8 Year Old Boy – innovative thinking from my young home educated son.
  8. Temporary permaculture for renters – 11 ideas for growing abundant food without owning land
  9. Live simply: 14 Ways to Save Money and Avoid Debt – practical and common-sense advice
  10. Save over $23,000 a Year and De-stress with a Few Simple Living Strategies
  11. Five Easy Steps to Make Cheap Beeswax Wraps & Reduce Cling Wrap Use – make your own beeswax cloths in minutes for less than a dollar.
  12. Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Soil – having great soil is the basis of healthy plants and food.
  13. Did you know our clothes are poisoning us? More Reasons to Choose Simple Natural Fashion for Earth Care and People Care – it’s good to know the backstory to where many of our ‘things’ come from
  14. 27,000 Trees A Day to Wipe Bottoms – What’s Your Wipe of Choice? – taking a closer look at a  very common household consumable
  15. Why I Let My Young Children Leave School To Learn At Home… an introduction to the way I home educate my children
  16. 9 Ways to Simply Use Chia: an easy ‘superfood’ to grow at home – great ways to grow and use chia, and some yummy recipes too.


I’d love to get your feedback and suggestions about the topics you enjoy most and those you’d like me to write and film more about. Either leave a comment at the bottom of this post or click on this survey monkey link – it should take less than a minute to complete.

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2 Responses

  1. Australian Gardening Granny
    Australian Gardening Granny at |

    Morag, thank you for your wonderful Blog. I have followed your advice in so many ways. I am thrilled with the variety of vegetables that I am now able to grow, and appreciate, in my allotment. As I said in the survey, you have taught me how many ways I can use different vegetables, leaves, flowers, stalks, tubers. Happy Christmas and 2017 to you and your family. Jean

  2. fasterpony
    fasterpony at |

    Mahalo nui for all that you do. We just bought a 10 acre overgrown jungle,and I am looking forward to digging my way into permaculture.