DIY Dip Biscuits

Here’s my quick, easy & yummy dip biscuit recipe you can make in 15 minutes using ingredients from your garden too?


  • 1 cup of wholemeal flour
  • 50 ml olive oil (can you refill your jar) – 45mls with plain flour or gluten-free flour (may need to experiment a bit)
  • 60 ml water
  • herbs and seeds (optional – what’s growing in your garden?)
  • pinch of salt (optional)


  1. Mix all together
  2. Chop into segments
  3. Roll as thin as you can without them breaking apart
  4. Cook at 200C/390F until just brown on the edges (10-12 mins)

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Learn permaculture with Morag Gamble

Hi! It’s Morag Gamble from our Permaculture Life and the PermacultureEducation Institute. And welcome back!

Every day, I’ve been talking about something you can do. To get rid of you know, the excessive plastics that we have in our daily lives. So the thing that I wanted to talk about today, because it’s plastic free July of course. What are you gonna eat, if it’s movie night, it’s Saturday night? What are we gonna have as a snack with that? Or if you’re going over to someone’s place, what can you take that’s package-free? You know the standard dip and biscuits end up creating a huge amount of waste. Most dip you know, come in they’ve got the plastic tub and then they’ve got the rip-off plastic bit. And then the biscuits themselves, they typically come in a package inside another package. So I wanted to tell you about my favorite little biscuits that I make, that are dip biscuits. Now these things you can often buy, they’re quite expensive to buy. You know, a pack of these I’ve seen in the stores like ten dollars for something like that. You can make them so easily, and inside of these I’ve got also things from the garden. Like some rosemary and some lemon myrtle that I’ve chopped up. So whatever you feel like adding into them. aAso some different sorts of seeds you can add in. So a simple recipe, one cup of flour and so I always buy my flour bulk like this in paper bags. And so it’s you get quite a lot, but if you store it well it lasts for ages. So just plain flour so I use organic whole wheat flour, but you could use any sort of flour. It works a bit differently though, with gluten-free flours. 

And I do have a recipe in my blog that is, particularly for gluten-free flours if you’re wanting to do that. So the measurement would be a bit different for what i’m about to tell you because it won’t work so well. Okay, so it’s one cup of that 50ml of olive oil, and so you can get olive oil in bulk too from your local coop. If you like and get your jars refilled and then 60 ml of water that’s it and then you can add whatever flavors you want. So I just add them all in, then I roll it out a few times and I just use these preserving jars as my rolling pin, a really nice side for those so you know, it’s multi-purpose. And then I cook them for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees and that’s it. And so, you just break them up into little segments and then you can get your package free or natural packaged dip. And that’s it, so it’s so simple! So that’s a way that we try, and get rid of our plastics in those sort of snacks for a saturday, or for going over to friends, or you know we’ve got a couple of extra kids running around the house at the moment. Who may well zip past. Who knows, a quick thing to do it takes me 15 minutes to whip up a batch of these instead of pulling out another pack of something else. I actually, strangely enough, never really thought I’ve always baked since I was a kid. But I never really thought about making dry biscuits until a few years ago. So it’s revolutionary, and so simple, and all different flavors.

So join me again tomorrow, for another quick tip. About how you can get rid of some single-use plastics in your life. I’ll put down some links below and I think i’ll try and put down that recipe for you as well.