Permaculture Lifework: Morag Gamble and Robina McCurdy in conversation: part 2 (12 mins)

Two permaculture women in conversation about social permaculture and lifework caring for earth, caring for people and caring for the future (12 mins)…. New Zealand permaculture pioneer, Robina McCurdy and I explore community gardens, school gardens, community seedbanks and more. I also ask her about what inspires her and what three lessons she’d like to share drawing from her decades of work in permaculture – where is the edge that we she sees we need to be working in Permaculture.

I do hope you enjoy this conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Robina over the past weeks offering children’s permaculture programs – Patterns in Nature and Design with Nature, and organising a community screening of her film, SOS: Save our Seeds which documents community seed saving initiatives throughout New Zealand.

I am also really excited about sharing more permaculture conversations soon. So many wonderful people to explore ideas with…..

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  1. B Mills
    B Mills at |

    Thank you Morag and Robina, wonderful to listen to and yes you are onto something, when we share our knowledge and energy with joy we receive so much back and I think the learning 'sticks' in the minds of others that we share with.