Why Do I Live A Permaculture Life…

Why do I live a simple permaculture life?
How am I debt-free? 
Why do I unschool with permaculture and what does that mean?
Why and how have I created my own work?
Why do I believe permaculture education is so important?
How was I inspired by leading ecological mentors at Schumacher College and volunteering in the Himalayas?
This podcast on The Urban Farm gives the back story as to why I live this way, why I do what I do, and what drives me.
It went to air on a couple of days ago from the the Urban Farm HQ in Phoenix, Arizona. It is 56 minutes – grab a cuppa, or put it on in the car. I hope you enjoy it.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: Morag Gamble on Permaculture Education: Living a full life, simply and in conjunction with nature’s principles. 

I teach practical permaculture to kids ….

…high school students…
… and adults.

At home in our garden.

I was inspired to live a simple abundant life after volunteering in Ladakh, in the Himalayas in 1992 and 1995. My experience there had a profound impact on me.

For 18 years I have lived in a permaculture ecovillage with a vibrant community and beautiful natural environment.
We designed and built our home in affordable, ‘buildable’ modules – before this, we’d built a coffee table!

Our edible landscape surrounds the house and provides an abundance of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, medicinals, mulch and habitat for a diversity of species. It’s a super low maintenance system filled with self-seeding plants and perennials.

Extra information posted on the Urban Farm Website ( about the contents of this podcast:
Listen in and learn about:
  • Her path to get to where she is at based on strong ethics, environmental activism and natural health upbringing from her parents.
  • Her early teenage year with activism and being connected to nature
  • How growing up with the awareness of nuclear war potentials and oils shortages influenced her messages
  • Her father’s teachings to look for positive solutions
  • Being influenced by Fritjof Capra, author of TAO of Physics,
  • Her adventures in England that introduced her to permaculture foundations and teachings
  • Her head and heart filling up with possibilities
  • How she transformed her ideas and inspiration into the reality of her life in Australia
  • Her life on the amazing Crystal Waters village community (you need to hear all of this to believe it) with 83 households working together in a true permaculture community
  • WWOOFers that come to the village and the WWOOFing that helps teach her kids so much about the world
  • When your green you grow, when your ripe you rot
  • Her son’s homeschool project of solar powered transportation for their community
  • How she learned so much more about successful permaculture after she left the university
  • What she feels is needed to start successful polycultural systems
  • Her connected pods that create her home which expanded as her family did
  • The story of how their home was built by themselves and what that means to them
  • How she can forage for food just outside her door
  • Why she considers her home an ecological system that looks after itself 
  • Some real treats in her garden that demonstrate how many edible parts there are in any garden
  • What the biggest products that come from her garden are besides food for her family
  • What she does with the recycling depository in her carport
  • How her children are already living and speaking permaculture
  • How she is un-schooling her kids and the benefits of this method

As well as:

  • How she is learning to accept that some of her ideas have not reached their time yet
  • Why she thinks her project of Northey Street City Farm is her biggest success
  • Why feeling the pain and injustice of the earth being destroyed and cultures being dismantled actually drives her to seek out better solutions
  • Her final piece of advice is to be open and listen to learn

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