12 ways to use edible natural skin care & healing oil from 2 ingredients and how to simply make it


Turn your calendula flowers into a valuable oil for natural skin care, healing and for eating.

Harvested calendula flowers for making calendula oil.

My new film (link below) shows 2 simple methods to make your own organic calendula oil using just 2 ingredients – calendula flowers and organic local olive oil. 

When I first learnt how to do this, I couldn’t believe how absolutely easy it was. I was sure it was going to be really complicated. Give it a go!


Safe to eat so it’s safe for your skin

Calendula oil is great for skin care, first aid and … eating! I love the idea that you only put on your skin what is safe to eat.  This oil is also suitable for sensitive skin, children and babies.

Steeping the home grown calendula flowers in organic olive oil for 28 days.

Here’s a dozen ways you can use your home-made calendula oil:

  1. nourishing face oil
  2. moisturiser
  3. chapped skin
  4. insect bites
  5. small wounds
  6. sprains and bruises (anti-inflammatory)
  7. rashes
  8. nappy rash
  9. minor burns
  10. sunburn
  11. eczema and psoriasis
  12. salad dressing

You can use it straight, or make it into salves, creams, lotions, body butter, lotion bars, soap, lip balm, bug bite balm. So easy, yet so versatile. 

What other ways do you use it?


Bright and lovely calendula flower – a great addition to the garden. Loved by the bees too.


I encourage you to go ahead and plant calendula when your season is right, and harvest this wonderful flower for your own golden oil.

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Calendula Part 3: How to easily make your own Calendula salve with 4 ingredients and 3 simple steps. It’s a great first aid jar to have in your home.

Easy home made calendula salve – just 4 natural ingredients.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching. Feel free to share.

Happy gardening and making!

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4 Responses

  1. Meg Hopeful
    Meg Hopeful at |

    I used calendula when my son was an infant and had eczema. I found it helped a lot. I grow it in the garden now and love it! I have been collecting the petals as the flowers have faded and have a little jar of them for making making oil. Meg:)

  2. Selina B
    Selina B at |

    i buy organic petels from mudbrick cottage as i can't seem to get enough growing in my garden. am working on it though. looking forward to part 3, we usually make ours into soaps
    thanx for sharing

  3. Yano Rivera
    Yano Rivera at |

    Calendula? Is that also a sunflower? I'll add this to the list of must haves for my list of DIY skincare products, yes my friend made an article regarding those and I just compiled it based on what I understood. Please do follow the link and if you know more DIY solutions, please send me an email.